Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thanks to New Friends & Projects for 2011

A huge thank you to Jane over at the World Embroideries Blog for sending me these two kits from her giveaway a few weeks ago.   

Both kits involve learning new skills.  The Golden retriever is in Tent Stitch which is something that I haven't come across before and I've never knitted with beads so I'm looking forward to getting started with these two! Thanks Jane, they are absolutely adorable. 

I'm in the process of knitting handwarmers at the moment.  I've just completed my first pair, which Eldest can be seen modelling below.

Youngest thinks that they look really cool so now I'm knitting a pair for her to.   The thanks for these go to Stacy over at Golden Bird Knits.  The handwarmers are based on her Fingerless Glove pattern, without which I wouldn't have had a clue how to even start knitting these. Its a lovely pattern, very simple and knits up very quickly. The pattern is on her blog site and it's well worth popping across to take a look. 

  As you know from previous posts, I can't seem to stick to patterns.  Being true to form, I deviated from this pattern a little to.  Due to a previously unknown short term memory lapse issue, I kept forgetting if I'd purled or knitted so I was getting tied in knots.  Now, I'm a great believer in the old addage "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again", only with me there is always a twist. I don't cheat, well not much, I just find a different way.  In this case, I switched from the knit 2, purl 2 pattern and used stocking stitch for the main body of the glove.  

I'm making it one of my New Year Resolutions this year to keep to the pattern.  It'll be interesting to see how long I can keep to that one! 

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Bye for now


Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Perfect Day

Moving on from the slight disaster with the floppy brim hat, I decided to have a bit of a break from knitting and turn my attention back to cross stitch for a while.  The cover kit in this month's Cross Stitcher Magazine was for gift tags. Ideal - small, quick and even better, simple! 

 And here are some of the finished items.

What a brilliant way to spend a day.  Better still though, "Ice Cold in Alex" was on the TV this morning and "Dirty Dancing" is on in about an hour's time.  Two of my all time favourite films - on the same day.  Bliss!!  Could the day get any better?

Wishing you all a perfect day to,

Bye for now


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Floppy Brim Hat

You may remember from a few posts back, I treated myself to a copy of "Knitting in No Time by Melody Griffiths.  I bought it because I liked the look of the wrap on the cover and wanted to have a go at knitting it.  As I hadn't really knitted anything before, I thought that I should practice on smaller projects first.  So, this is how I got on with the Floppy Brim Hat on page 34.

The pattern uses 339 Metres of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK (double knitting) in Revel, which is a deep purple, pure new wool. Its knitted using 3.5mm (US size 3) needles. I have neither. The wool is discontinued and the local wool shop didn’t have the needles. Not one to let a small matter of lack of material stand in my way, I deviated from the pattern a smidgen. I used some unbranded acrylic DK yarn in a lovely shade of lavender on 4mm (US size 6) needles. Did I do a gauge swatch? Now, don’t be silly, of course I didn’t.

The brim of the hat is knitted first. It is worked in two full rows followed by two partial rows, followed by two full rows and so on. The partial rows are where you only knit so many stitches then turn the knitting around and stitch back to the start. This gives a fan effect.

When the brim is complete, the base of the fan shape is used to pick up stitches for the next stage. The next stage is the main body of the hat.

The pattern said that the hat could be completed in 13 hours, with another hour for making the flower and for finishing. It has taken me twice that and more and I haven’t even started on the flower.

This is the finished hat with the back seam sewn up with mattress stitch.

Up until this point the knitting pattern has been quite straight forward. I’d coped with all the SKPOs, the YBs and the YFs but then, I read the finishing instructions. “Fold 11 rows just before the start of shaping in half and sew to make a tuck”. Fold 11 rows? In half? Which 11 rows? Which way do I fold, inside or out? Which shaping? The hat body or the brim? I have no idea what this means. Oh No! I won’t be able to finish the hat! Oh well, guess I’ll just try it on then, I could always just skip the folding part, right? I'll just turn the brim up, it'll be fine.

Maybe not. It’s a bit on the large side. Maybe I’ll grow into it. Maybe next time, I’ll make sure I check the gauge! This project has turned into a real flop-py hat! Te He.

Bye for now