Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A soft spot or OSMC

Hi there, 

I was having a bit of a nose around a local second hand shop over the weekend and came across this:

It was tucked down the side of some furniture, looking a bit sorry for itself, just sitting there all alone. Well, I couldn't leave it there.  Poor thing looks like its had a bit of a hard life.

It's a Mundlos machine, originally designed to go on a treadle table judging by the lack of a tool compartment, little holes in the base just under the hand crank and the small groove just behind the wheel. The little holes and groove would have been for the belt attaching the machine to the pedal.  The tools would probably have been kept in the table.

The golden badge is the Mundlos company's trade mark and the portrait is of Heinrich Mundlos, one of the company's founders.  The little switch to the side is a handy little gadget that pops the shuttle out of the bobbin compartment.

Originally, this machine would have been decorated with decals on the metal base and both sides of the arm. Unfortunately, it looks as though someone tried to clean this one before I found it and has managed to rub the decals off.  There are still faint markings and you can just make out the word "Victoria" on the straight part of the arm.  Word of warning to anyone out there looking to clean a vintage sewing machine - don't use chemicals or wire wool, especially not on the decals!

The lack of decoration and the fact that I can't find a serial number make it a bit difficult to date this machine.  I'll keep researching though and in the meantime, I'll make a best guess at between 1900 - 1920 give or take.   If anyone out there knows the date or can narrow it down, I'd love to hear from you.

This is another useful little gadget that I haven't come across on a sewing machine before. See the little grey coloured disk on the end of the bobbin winder above? Its a grinding wheel.  I'm assuming its for sharpening needles. How cool is that?

This is its box.  Again, the wording has rubbed off but if you are up close, you can see the word "Victoria".

This poor old machine may be a bit battered and definitely looking worse for wear, but in a strange, lived in sort of way, it has a kind of rustic charm which tugged at my heart strings a little.  Well, it tugged at them quite a bit which just goes to show that I'm just a big softy.  Either that or it's the first symptoms of OSMC - Obsessive Sewing Machine Collecting.

Bye for now