Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A New Challenge

I bought this book on a bit of an impulse. I love the colour and design of the wrap on the front cover.  I also like a couple of the bags that are in there as well.

My mum would have knitted this wrap up in no time, but unfortunately, she is no longer with us.  So, if I want a wrap like this one I'm going to have to knit it myself.

There is just one slight technical hitch though.  I don't really know how to knit. I know the knit stitch and sort of know the purl stitch - but that's it.

Still, I'm not one to pass up a challenge.  How hard can it be?

I've had a look through the instructions. It tells you what wool to use, what size needles and even what gauge to keep to.  This pattern is 5.5 sts & 7 rows to 4in over st.st  on size US 35 (20mm).  Umm... so far sort of OK.  Well, I know that 20mm is the needle size so that's a good place to start.   There are also a few SKPOs, PFBs, and YOs in there.   Isn't YO another way to say hello? 

I had a re-think and decided to start with something a wee bit simpler.  A nice scarf.  I found a nice easy pattern on the internet which just said cast on 50 stitches then knit 2, purl 2 and do as many rows as you like.  What could be easier than that?

So armed with some Mohair-Look wool and a set of 5.5mm needles I started on the scarf. 

After each row of knit 2, purl 2, I noticed that instead of 50 stitches, I was getting an extra 20.  That's not good I thought.  So I unravelled it all and started again.  I must have done this 8 times before I decided to deviate from the pattern a little. 

So here is the scarf so far, knitted throughout in plain knit stitch.  Its growing nicely and best of all I still only have 50 stitches! Yea!

The tension is a bit suspect in places where I've gone from a bit too tight to a bit too loose.  It feels lovely and soft though and I can feel the warmth in the wool already. I've been working on this since Sunday morning...

...I think it's going to take me a while to get to the wrap!

Bye for now




Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Eldest's Stitching

It's not just Youngest who is getting into cross stitch, Eldest is also having a bit of a dabble. 

This is the kit she is working on:

She's working very methodically and doing a pretty good job. She has said that stitching with 4 different shades of blue thread on a blue background is a bit of a challenge but she seems to be rising to it.  Actually, for a starter's kit, it is a little tricky in places and dear old mum has had to come to the rescue a couple of times.

 She has so far avoided the temptation to start looking for the next project. She says she wants to finish this one first.  Bless.

Bye for now


Monday, 9 August 2010

Busy Needles

T said that my Born Free cross stitch was starting to look a bit like a lobster....

Umm.... I can't see it myself, but then I've seen the picture on the front of the packet so I know what the finished picture will look like.

This is where I am at the moment.......

I've got a fair way to go yet.......

This next picture is the Winnie the Pooh kit that I was going to do after finishing the cute teddy in a previous post.

My youngest had other ideas and decided to bag this one for herself.  Of course, she has to finish the hedgehog she started first...

Ah, Bless, just like her mum.  Always on the look out for the next project before finishing the one you're on!

It's a good job I had Eeyore on standby.....

Bye for now