Sunday, 19 June 2011

Relaxing Crafting

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go according to plan? 

Its Father's day here in the UK and the girls and I decided to take T out for a pub lunch as a bit of a treat.  Unfortunately, everywhere was booked up so we ended up at the local KFC.  That was also full so we used the drive through.  As always, they forgot the milk for the tea, the straws for the cokes, the sugar, the spoons for the coleslaw so we ended up going in anyway to get the missing parts of the order.  Still, at least they remembered the chicken!

The weather hasn't been that brilliant so after the KFC, we came back home and T spent the afternoon watching the remake of King Kong.  The girls were busy with homework so I decided to spend some time catching up on some projects.

First of all I sat down to so some knitting on a pair of socks that I have been working on.  Well, when I say a pair I mean one sock.  Actually its just the top of the first sock. By the time I had finished the first row I had lost count of the number of times I had dropped stitches so decided to save my sanity and work on something else.

I thought I'd try working on my lion next.  The picture above is from the last time I worked on it. I decided to stitch some more of the greenery - working out towards the bottom right of the picture. I was feeling really pleased with myself as I had done a fair bit.  Until I realised that I had miscounted and had started stitching in the wrong place. Yep - you guessed it - it all had to come back out.  

Ok I thought I'm not having much luck with stitchy type things today so what else can I do that's crafty?  I know, I'll make a start on the Victorian Purse kit I got from Jane over at World Embroideries a few months back.  Thinking about it, I think it might have been before Christmas. 

The first step in the instructions was to transfer the beads to the perle cotton.  Now what could be difficult about that?  Ok, the next step was to undo the knot at the top of one of the hank of beads and gently pull on one of the strings and secure with scotch tape.  I think the instructions at this point should also have said remember to hold on to the other strings.  It wasn't easy picking all the beads up off the floor - they are so tiny and re-threading them on the strings was very fiddly.

Anyway, I managed it and having tied one string from the hank to the perle cotton, got some of the beads transferred over.  Cool Eh?

So I was on a roll.  Finally something was going OK... Until that is I came across one pesky little bead that seemed to have a smaller hole than all the rest and simply would not move from the string to the perle cotton.  No amount of coaxing or shoving would get it to budge.  So I resorted to brut force, broke the string and ended up back on the floor picking up the beads.

Having got the beads back on the string, my cat Pat, decided that now would be a good time to play - with the string of beads.  Have you ever tried to detangle a cat from a string of beads?  Not easy.  He thought it was a great game - bless him.  I put him outside and he watched me through the window picking up beads from the floor.  I'm sure he was smiling.

You'll be pleased to know that all the beads are back on the string - and yes back in their packet in the sewing box.  I've given up on crafting for today - way too much excitement!

Bye for now