Friday, 18 June 2010

Cover Kits

This is Lickle Ted by DMC. Did I mention that I have a soft spot for teddy bears? Its a cover kit from The World of Cross Stitching Magazine from a couple of months back -April's issue I think, could have been March, I forget.  I like doing cover kits as they are usually small enough to finish in a short space of time.

Anyway, I thought this little guy was so cute I started stitching it as soon as I got the Magazine, which was pretty much when it came out. I finished him today - 18 June 2010! He only takes up a 4" square!  So much for cover kits being quick to do! My main problem was not being able to see the difference in some of the colours.  It has two shades of cream and two shades of beige.  My other problem was running out of thread.  

The back stitch for the outlining is in DMC 3371 which is the chocolate brown above.  The kit only had one length of around about 8" of the thread.  I ran out before I had done his legs, arms and face.  I got the skein above from the internet for 58p which I thought was pretty good.  So good in fact that I thought I would treat myself to some more threads.  


A gift set of glow-in-the-dark threads.  Cool.  I can have some fun with those.  The really great news though is, thanks to Lickle Ted's eyes, I have finally figured out how to do French Knots!!!! Yippee!

Of course, all this time spent concentrating on Lickle Ted has meant that the main project that I am working on has suffered a little.  I haven't touched my born free kit for a few months now.  Its moved on a little since the last picture I posted - but not much.....

At this rate it'll be this time next year before I finish it!  I'll spend some time on it over the weekend. Possibly.  Although, there is a cover kit of Winnie the Pooh calling to me.....

Bye for now