Sunday, 18 September 2011

Creepy Stitching

Hi there,

These slightly strange looking guys are Creepers.  They are the monsters from the online game called Minecraft.   Youngest is a bit of a fan.  She and her friends play it all the time.  Apparently, Creepers are miserable because they don't have any arms so can't hug anyone.  They are so upset by this, that should you get too close to them, they explode!  They give a bit of warning though, they make a strange sssssing sort of noise. Here's one that exploded earlier... not a pretty sight!

Youngest decided that a cuddly creeper would be an ideal present for her friend's birthday... so managed to talk me into making one for her - and her friend!

I did a bit of research on the trusty internet before I started on this project.  I came across a website called which has some hints and tips about how to go about making a creepy... er.. I mean Creeper Plushy.

It's fairly straight forward.  The Creepers are just lots of cubes stitched together and stuffed with toy stuffing. 

 Cute in a very creepy sort of way! 

Youngest?  What's that strange ssssSSSSing noise? You're not hugging that Creeper are you?

Bye for now