Monday, 29 September 2014

Scratching a Stitching Itch

Hi all

I finally managed to get some stitching done this year. Not on any of my unfinished projects. They are all still packed in boxes in a storage unit. I really need to stop moving!

To cure a severe stitching itch, I started on some new projects. An eclectic mix of different sewing techniques guaranteed to make a restless stitcher happy.

First up is a bag made from an old pair of jeans bought from a charity shop. 

The belt is made from a fabric scrap and a belt buckle I picked up from Ebay.

The strap is made from the legs of the jeans.

The next project was an applique cushion. I used toy stuffing under the trunk and leaves to give a 3D effect.

My favourite project so far this year has to be this little guy.

My very own Minion. His body is made from yellow polar fleece with denim fabric for his trousers. He has felt hands and feet. His eye is made up from white, brown and black felt pieces. The band around his head is also felt. The lens over his eye is the screw top lid from a preserve jar.  I love the Despicable Me films but have no idea how to tell the Minions apart so I don't know if this is Dave or Kevin. I think I'll just call him Fred.

Bye for now